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Welcome to my blog!

Hey there everyone,

My name is Angello Forero, I live in Colombia, and I am a twenty-one-year-old-young-man with Asperger Syndrome. I am a tech student of English at the Colombian-American Cultural Center. Believe it or not, I have had fun learning about the English language and culture in that institute within my unique city: Barranquilla, considered the “World Golden Door”. My interests as an autistic are religion, politics and creative writing, and they go far beyond arts, music, and sports since they do not satisfy these three interests of mine. So, you must know that this young man has a fallacy, and it’s restrained interests and stereotyped movements.

First, you must consider yourself that the person you are reading on has faced some restrained interests that indeed prejudice himself and his family. However, I always keep calm and carry on as an autistic. I am also a devout Christian that is truly in love with the Bible (even though I do not mention some verses thereof). However, I must say that I can understand a book rather than understanding an audiovisual content stuff. So, this blog is more than a blog itself, it is my workplace! There are in fact several reasons I can’t afford for a book, as I lack of literature.

I would love to read Don Quijote de la Mancha, Oliver Twist, and even more, the cult novel of 1984 from George Orwell, but I just can’t afford for that. I would love to read them on, but I do not have any bucks to do it.

May the Lord bless you, stay tuned to my updates!

Most Respectfully,

Angello Forero


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